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Belgian Rally Championship
Extreme E
GT World Challenge

00:35 UTC


FIM World Motocross Championship 2023

MXGP of Indonesia, Lombok

"MXGP" is the worlds' most popular dirt bike championship with up to 20 events on off-road courses

01:00 UTC


FIM Enduro World Championship 2023

Grand Prix of Sweden, Skovde

01:25 UTC


Australian Motocross Championship 2023

MX1, Gillman Motorcross Track, South Australia

The "Australian Motocross Championship" is a regional offroad series for bikes with up to eight events per season

02:15 UTC


King of the Roads 2023

NW200 Races Part 2

03:05 UTC


Australian Superbike Championship 2023

Superbike, Hidden Valley, Darwin

The "ASBK" is an australian motorcycle championship with up to seven events per season

04:00 UTC

Perfect Ride

Cars To Raise Your Pulse Raite

Cars evoke emotions. Cars make your heart beat faster. And some cars even get your adrenaline pumping while driving. But what kind of effect do fast cars really have on drivers? The new Chevrolet Corvette C7 with its powerful 466-hp V8 engine and the fifth generation of the rally icon Subaru WRX STI act as pacemakers and turn any ride into a Perfect Ride.

04:25 UTC

Stunt Heroes

Body Fights and Fireball

For larger explosions - the stunt company normally books special external effects technicians. Not this time!

04:55 UTC


Manhart Racing Day

The Nuerburgring Nordschleife is one of the toughest race tracks in the world, featuring 73 curves on a length of 21 kilometers. For Manhart Racing, a famous tuner for BMW cars, it’s the perfect place to celebrate its 25th anniversary with the Manhart Racing Days. The company invited Fans and Tuning to check out their products and the so-called “Green Hell”.

05:15 UTC


FIM World Motocross Championship

Grand Prix of the Netherlands, Valkenswaard

Jeffrey Herlings, winner of the first round of the 2020 MXGP season, and his opponents travel from Great Britain to the Netherland for the second event of the season. The venue for the MXGP of the Netherlands is the 1780-metre-long deep sand track in Valkenswaard near the Belgian border.

05:45 UTC


Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe 2022

6 Hours Endurance, Circuit Paul Ricard, France

06:30 UTC

Spa Classic

Highlight 2023

06:55 UTC

Racing Files

From Auto Union to Now

From 1934 onwards Germany was the preeminent force in global motor-racing. The Silver Arrows, the name given to the two racing teams run by Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union, dominated grand prix racing throughout the 1930s, while setting and breaking land speed records across Europe and the world. To this day, the silver arrows are the pre-eminent force in German motorsports.

07:25 UTC


Silverstone Festival 2023

F1 Classic Day 2

08:15 UTC

Classic Races

German Touring Championship 1995

Exciting, brutal and thrilling. The 1995 German Touring Car Championships. And with powerful races - also successful on the international stage. Mercedes driver Bernd Schneider dominated and won the title.

08:40 UTC

Classic Ride

Classic Remise

The “Classic Remise” in the German city of Duesseldorf offers a variety of services for enthusiasts of classic cars. Specialized car dealers, workshops, accessory stores and insurance companies can all be found under one roof. Owners of valuable vehicles can also rent a glass garage space, so they can safely store their cars, when they display them to visitors of the “Classic Remise”.

09:05 UTC


Goodwood 2023

Members Meeting

Goodwood is a british motor racing event where fans get to witness modern and historic racecars in action

10:00 UTC

Perfect Ride


Some say they are neither one thing nor another: hybrid cars. With an electric and combustion engine, the hybrid cars such as the Audi A3 e-tron want to combine the best of both worlds. Perfect Ride demonstrates the pros and cons of these models. The BMW i3 is different. It's a purely electric car, which is also available with a so called Range Extender. Perfect Ride reveals, how useful it is.

10:25 UTC

Stunt Heroes

Burning Down The House

In the big stunt today Paul will stand in the fire, while everything flies burning through the air... !

10:50 UTC


German Race Wars

Visitors from more than 20 countries attend the German Race Wars, a quarter-mile race for professional private tuners. Fans don’t mind which kind of cars line up at the start, you just need to present perfect driving skills. Plus: The Mini John Cooper Works is the racing version of the Bavarian speedster. Arden takes the little racing gnome and turns it into the Arden Mini AM3.

11:15 UTC


FIM World Motocross Championship

Grand Prix of Great Britain, Matterley Basin

The official FIM Motocross World Championship is back for the 2020 season on MOTORVISION TV. The action kicks off with the MXGP of Great Britain in Matterley Basin, which is located near Winchester in England. The world’s best motocross drivers take on a 1640-metre hard surface track. Among the participants is the defending champion Tim Gasjer.

11:40 UTC


Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe 2022

Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours, France

12:25 UTC


UIM F1H2O World Powerboat Championship 2023

GP of Asia 2

The "F1H20 World Powerboat Championship" is the worlds' fastest boat racing championship with speeds up to 250 kp/h

12:55 UTC


UIM Aquabike World Championship 2023

GP of Italy, Sardinia, Ski Division

13:25 UTC


P1 AquaX Championship 2023

St. Pete, Florida & Kissimmee, Florida

13:50 UTC


P1 Offshore Championship 2023

Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, Missouri Part 1

14:20 UTC


P1 Class 1 Offshore Championship 2023

Mercury Racing MidWest Challenge Class One Ofshore

14:55 UTC


WGP #1 World Series 2023

Round 4 Asia, Thaliand

16:00 UTC

Perfect Ride

Turbo Diesel Power

In 1989 Audi introduced the first turbocharged diesel engine. Since then turbochargers became standard and result into smooth running of engines and increased driving pleasure. Perfect Ride reviews the latest TDI engines and previews the Audi RS5 TDI Concept, which shows how sporty diesel engines could be used in future production cars.

16:25 UTC

Stunt Heroes

The Flying Quad

The Stunt Heroes bring a quad bike to its limits. With a so-called stamp and a pressure of 100 bar the quad bike will learn to fly.

16:50 UTC


FIM World Motocross Championship

Grand Prix of Latvia, Kegums

The FIM Motocross World Championship is the premier championship of motocross racing and will be contested over 19 rounds in Europe and South America. Tim Gasjer enters the 2020 season as the defending MXGP champion.

17:20 UTC


Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe 2022

Circuit Park Zandvoort, Netherlands

18:05 UTC


All Wheel Drive Safari Challenge 2023

Round 8, Walters Arena

The "AWDC" is a british offorad event where drivers have to tackle tight and twisty roads filled with mud und gravel

18:30 UTC


Icelandic Formula Offroad 2023

Honefoss, Norway, Part 4

"Icelandic Formula Offroad" is a championship held in mud and gravel where drivers have to tackle steep hills in order to beat their competition

18:55 UTC


Monster Jam Championship 2021

Tampa Race 11

"Monster Jam" is an American monster truck series where drivers have to perform stunts and race against each other

19:20 UTC


Australian Drag Racing Championship 2022

Top Fuel Championship, Hidden Valley Raceway

Who dares, wins: The Top Fuel Championship is Australia’s latest drag racing competition and features six action-packed rounds that take place in four different Aussie states.

20:15 UTC


Legend National Cars Championship 2023

Round 6, Brands Hatch Indy

The "Legend Cars Championship" is an UK-based racing series for pre-war cars with three races across the weekend

21:05 UTC


BTPA Tractor Pulling

Episode 4

Known as the 'the world's most powerful motorsport', Tractor Pulling is a great show for all the family. MOTORVISION TV presents highlights from the top 5 events organized in the UK at Great Eccleston, including the European Finals.

22:00 UTC

Perfect Ride

Big City - Small Car

Not only compact cars are on the top of registration statistics, small cars are increasingly popular, too. They score especially high points with drivers in big cities. On this episode Perfect Ride takes a look at the latest generations of three small cars for the European market: the refreshed Opel Corsa (also marketed as Vauxhall Corsa), the new Toyota Aygo and the revamped Smart.

22:25 UTC

Stunt Heroes

Man vs. Machine

The Stunt Heroes having fun on a hudge industrial Area. Here it comes to the showdown between man and machine - Stuntman against BMW 3!

22:50 UTC



Gemballa has been known as a high-class tuning company for more than 30 years. Their focus is on Porsche cars, but they also improve other high-end brands like Ferrari. Tuning checks out the Gemballa Mirage GT, which is based on the Porsche Carrera GT. Plus: Irmscher turns the Chevrolet Camaro into the Irmscher Camaro i42.

23:10 UTC


FIM World Motocross Championship

Motocross of Nations

The famous TT Circuit Assen in the Netherlands hosts one of the biggest motocross events of the year: The Motocross of Nations, which has often been billed as the Olympics of Motocross. This time, drivers don’t just compete for themselves, but also their country. While the US leads the leaderboard with 22 wins in total, no country was able to beat France for the last five years.

23:40 UTC


Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe 2022

Brands Hatch Circuit, United Kingdom