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Belgian Rally Championship
Extreme E
GT World Challenge

00:30 UTC


Belgian Rally Championship 2023

East Belgian Rally

The "BRC" is a belgian rally championship where drivers of modern rally cars compete against each other on gravel and tarmac

00:55 UTC


Belgian Rallycross Championship 2023

Round 7, Glosso-Circuit Arendonk

01:25 UTC


Tour European Rally 2023

Rali Ceredigion, GB

The "TER" is an european rally championship for modern rally cars

01:50 UTC


Rally 2023

Rallye Isla de los Volcanes

02:15 UTC


BTRDA Rallycross 2023

Round 6, Pembrey

"BTRDA" is an UK-based rallycross championship where drivers compete against each other in sprint races

03:00 UTC


UK Rally Show 2023

Episode 4

The "UK Rally Show" is a british offroad series with up to six events per season

03:25 UTC


Tour Auto Optic 2000

Highlight 2023

The "TourAuto Optic 2000" is a french oldtimer-rally from Paris to the "Paul Ricard Circuit"

04:00 UTC

Perfect Ride

The Second Generation

Some cars make a highly successful debut to the scene, so that the arrival of a second generation is inevitable. One example is the Nissan Qashqai. As one of the first crossovers it heralded a new era and has been sold more than two million times. For its second generation, Nissan has to step up their game though, because its concept inspired other like the Suzuki SX4 to follow suit.

04:25 UTC

Stunt Heroes

Front Flip over Cola Truck

Stuntman Dominik Kowalski is an expert for falls, drops and body stunts. But today is different: he is supposed to drive the stunt car! The job: a flip through a cola truck! This is not for the weak-minded! Will Nick fail or is he the right man for this stunt?

04:50 UTC



The Nitrolympx is the biggest international drag race event in Europe. Every year 30,000 - 35,000 visitors attend the festival to watch a highly explosive mix of action, show and extreme acceleration. About 300-350 drivers take part in any of the classes that the Nitrolympx has to offer. Tuning pays the Nitrolympx a visit and takes a look behind the scenes.

05:15 UTC


FIM World Motocross Championship

Grand Prix of Emilia Romagnia, Faenza

The FIM Motocross World Championship is the premier championship of motocross racing and will be contested over 19 rounds in Europe and South America. Tim Gasjer enters the 2020 season as the defending MXGP champion.

05:40 UTC


Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe 2022

Circuit Ricardo Tormo, Spain

06:30 UTC


Bike World 2023

Folge 10

"Bike World" is all about the fascination of motorcycles whether it's on a racetrack or on the street

06:55 UTC


Gearing Up 2023

Episode 2

"Gearing Up" shows the world's most unique motorsport events covering cars, bikes and everything else

07:20 UTC

Go Green!

From Zero to Hero

Previously an exception, today completely natural: The SUV body shape and the electric drive. Is the third generation Honda HR-V worth it’s money? The Mercedes GLB becomes the EQB with an electric engine. And the Skoda Enyaq iV is already a sales hit.

07:45 UTC

Perfect Ride

Audi Q3 Sportback

What's hot and what's not. There are quests to be undertaken, the search for the ideal auto, for the perfect race track for the ultimate accessory gadget. What are the preferred rides of the race legends?

08:10 UTC


Timeless Elegance

There are details which set super cars apart from normal cars and these details are essential. Super cars are the biggest, loudest and most expensive cars on the highway; they're four-wheeled works of arts.

08:35 UTC


BAUMA 2019

Every three years Messe München is turned into the world's biggest construction site. The world's largest trade fair in the construction industry sets superlatives. All major manufacturers like Liebherr, Caterpillar or Volvo and Mercedes Trucks are represented here and showcase their highlights.

09:00 UTC

Dream Cars

Supersport Convertibles

They are the most spectacular convertibles in the world and the most fascinating of all automobiles: Open two-seater sports cars built for velocities exceeding 300 km/h, built for an unparalleled driving pleasure. They are the super sports cabriolets from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley and McLaren. DreamCars presents the fastest and most exclusive super sports convertibles in the world.

09:30 UTC

Car History

Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang represents the lifestyle of the 60s like no other car. Just hours after its first appearance in the showrooms the first of the so called 'pony cars' was sold out. Even in the present the Mustang stands for coolness, adventure, and freedom. Car History tells the story of the Ford Mustang using historic pictures, starting from the first prototype to the latest Mustang Shelby.

10:00 UTC

Perfect Ride

Charged Up - Electricity - Not Fuel

A widely spread prejudice against electric cars is that they are not suitable for everyday life due to their short driving range and long charging times. But statistics from Germany show that drivers don't travel more than 100 kilometers a day, so there shouldn't be a problem. Perfect Ride tests if the VW e-up! and Renault Zoe are suitable for everyday life, when radio and heater are running, too.

10:25 UTC

Stunt Heroes

The Stunt Convertible

A skidding lorry against a remote controlled family van. That`s the new story the Stunt Heroes realize on their private Autobahn. Stunt coordinator Christoph Domanski`s goal: to separate the roof from the rest of the car. If the plan works out, they will create a unique stunt convertible. A spectacular stunt test for Hollywood productions!

10:50 UTC


Rust'n Roll

Don't get fooled by the rusty bodyworks and old junk. The Rust'n Roll is not a simple junkyard, but an important festival for lovers of retro cars und so called rat look cars: really old and rusty cars. The older and rustier the cars look the more beautiful they are considered by the visitors of Rust’n Roll. Tuning introduces you to this car meeting of a special kind.

11:15 UTC


FIM World Motocross Championship

Grand Prix of Italy, Faenza

The FIM Motocross World Championship is the premier championship of motocross racing and will be contested over 19 rounds in Europe and South America. Tim Gasjer enters the 2020 season as the defending MXGP champion.

11:40 UTC


FIM Sidecarcross World Championship 2023

GP of Lommel, Belgium

12:30 UTC


FIM World Motocross Championship 2023

MXGP of Indonesia, Lombok

"MXGP" is the worlds' most popular dirt bike championship with up to 20 events on off-road courses

13:00 UTC


FIM Enduro World Championship 2023

Grand Prix of Slovakia, Gelnica

13:25 UTC


Australian Motocross Championship 2023

MX2 & MX3, Gillman Motorcross Track, South Australia

The "Australian Motocross Championship" is a regional offroad series for bikes with up to eight events per season

14:15 UTC


King of the Roads 2023

NW200 Races Part 2

15:05 UTC


Australian Superbike Championship 2023

Superbike, Hidden Valley, Darwin

The "ASBK" is an australian motorcycle championship with up to seven events per season

16:00 UTC

Perfect Ride

More Power, Less Consumption

More engine power, but less fuel consumption: That’s exactly what chip tuning wants to make possible. On a 3,000 kilometer road trip from Germany on Spain Perfect Ride tests if tuning boxes fulfill their promises. Plus: Which other extensions and modifications promise to turn driving experiences into saving experiences? Perfect Ride offers the answer!

16:25 UTC

Stunt Heroes

The Canon

The Stunt Heroes have a new car-canon in their arsenal. The canon accelerates a car in one second from zero to 70 km/h. The Stunt Heroes had something like that before. But the new canon doesn`t produce any smoke. That is a very important feature for the filmmakers - now they don`t have to digitally remove the smoke out of the stunt. In this episode the guys test the canon after shooting a wild car chase between three cops and a gangster on the autobahn.

16:55 UTC


IAA Frankfurt

The IAA in Frankfurt - the largest car exhibition in the world. More than 900 exhibitors present their latest models this year in halls and on free standing areas. Here one can already be impressed by the trends of tomorrow.

17:15 UTC


FIM World Motocross Championship

Grand Prix of Europe, Mantova

The FIM Motocross World Championship is the premier championship of motocross racing and will be contested over 19 rounds in Europe and South America. Tim Gasjer enters the 2020 season as the defending MXGP champion.

17:45 UTC


Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe 2022

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Spain

18:30 UTC


UIM F1H2O World Powerboat Championship 2023

GP of UAE, Sharjah

The "F1H20 World Powerboat Championship" is the worlds' fastest boat racing championship with speeds up to 250 kp/h

18:55 UTC


UIM Aquabike World Championship 2023

GP of China

19:20 UTC


P1 AquaX Championship 2023

Season Review

19:50 UTC


P1 Offshore Championship 2023

Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, Missouri Part 2

20:15 UTC


P1 Class 1 Offshore Championship 2023

St Pete P1 Offshore Grand Prix, Florida

20:45 UTC


WGP #1 World Series 2023

Round 2 Europe, France

21:35 UTC


New Zealand Jetsprint Championship

Waitara, Neuseeland, Group A

The New Zealand Jetsprint Championship is the most important sprint boat competition from New Zealand, the country where the sport was founded in 1981. Jetsprinting is comparable to rally sports, but there is only one boat on the track at any given time and boats drive at very high speeds. The up to 500 HP strong jet sprint boats therefore try to achieve the best time on the tracks.

22:00 UTC


Fanatec GT World Challenge America 2023

Road America

The "GTWC America" is an endurance championship for GT-cars in the US

22:45 UTC


Michelin Le Mans Cup 2023

Motorland Aragon, Spain

23:10 UTC


Ferrari Challenge Europe 2023

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium

The "Ferrari Challenge Europe" is an one-make series for Ferraris with seven races across Europe