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Made in

Made in… is your exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the production facilities of world-famous manufacturers and car suppliers. Every episode reveals the history of a leading company and reveals the steps that are needed to develop and assemble vehicles. Experience the whole design and construction process from bare ideas on paper to the finished product and newly developed technologies!

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  • Paravan

    The inovation of the engineers of Paravan in the village of Pfonstetten-Aichlau is truly outstanding, their objective: to come up with mobility solutions for people with a vast array of different disabilities.

    Today 15:25 - 15:55

  • Porsche Panamera

    In 2004 Porsche decided to build the all-new Carrera GT in Leipzig, which is seen as a knightly accolade for the production site. However, the biggest challenge arose, when Porsche decided to produce a four-door sedan in parallel to the Cayenne, namely the Porsche Panamera. Before this sports saloon can hit the streets, it needs to pass 71 perfectly organized stations in the production plant.

  • BMW Sustainability

    By putting many thoughts into the cutting process of raw materials, BMW reduces the amount of waste drastically. Most of the 600 tons of sheet metal that are produced by BMW’s pressing plant ends up in the final cars, while only 10 kg go to waste. Production in the the Rolls-Royce facility in Goodwood, which belongs to BMW, is based on the same principles of sustainability and efficiency.

  • Audi R8 GT

    By now, Audi has sold more than 16,000 sports cars around the world. In 2010 they upped the stakes even more and introduced the Audi R8 GT. The high performance sports car is limited on 333 units and has been designed to show Audi’s expertise in the field of lightweight construction. This car, which is build in Neckarsulm in Germany, is a serious competitor for established supercars of today.

  • Alpina

    Alpina symbolizes modern engineering, high precision in engine design and finest materials. The green and blue cachet has guaranteed highest quality for more than 40 years. Alpina specializes in premium BMW tuning, successful motorsports and - surprisingly - special wines. Burkard Bovensiepen laid the foundation for his company in the 1960s. Today he manages his life's work along with his sons.

  • Self-Driving Cars

    Autonomous driving, which means that the car operates independently, sounds like a crazy idea, but is seen as the future of mobility. Steps towards this reality are already done thanks to the progress made in Germany. Assistance systems help drivers overtaking other cars, check if there’s another car in the driver’s blind spot or warn the driver to take a break, when he shows signs of fatigue.

  • Volkner Mobile

    With its length of up to 12 meters and its weight of 18 tons, the Performance by Volkner is the most extraordinary luxury motor home from Germany and one of the most exclusive carvans in the world. What makes it so exceptional is the garage between its axes. This system is patented and unique in the field of motor homes. The heads behind this vehicle are Gerhard Volkner and his wife Stephanie.

  • Mechatronics

    Pleidelsheim, near Stuttgart. The Mechatronik company specialises in classics from Mercedes. Since 1997, engineers, electricians and mechanics has dedicated itself to the restoration and refinement of classic models.

  • Knaus-Tabbert

    One of the leading producers of luxurious caravans, and premium campers, in Europe, has its headquarters in Jandelsbrunn in lower Saxony. The Knaus Tabbert company.

  • Artega

    ARTEGA - the name, which raises the spirits of German automotive lovers. The beautifully designed mid-engine sports car from the East-Westphalian province, is an eye-catcher. The Artega is a rare-looking species.

  • H&R Suspension Systems

    The prominent chassis-components manufacturer H&R caters the entire range of products - from lowering springs and stabilizers to shock absorbers, for use in racing or standard vehicles.

  • KTM

    Mattighofen in Austria, birthplace and place of production of KTM motorcycles. With the slogan Ready to Race KTM produces bikes that can compete to 100 percent in every race. Every day KTM builds up to 500 new machines

  • Eurocopter

    The EC 135 is the most successful and best-selling helicopter in the world. The Eurocopter is a multi-talent! Whether as a VIP shuttle, as air ambulance or police helicopter, they are exclusively manufactured by hand.

  • Roding

    If four Engineers, that just left university, get the chance to built a super-sport scar arises one of the rarest and most extraordinary roadster in the world: the Roding Roadster. Special about it: the chassis, handcrafted in the own workshop, consists of carbon and is very light. The Car weighs only 950 kilograms and has a power to weight ratio of below 3 kg per horsepower. ""Made in"" shows the remarkable story of the Roding Roadster.

  • The History of Fire and Rescue Services

    The history of the fire and rescue services takes you back to the Roman Age. Back then it were primarily slaves who had to face the flames. Guilds took care of fire fighting in the Middle Ages. But the fire departments in Germany were only substantially organized, when Conrad Dietrich Magirus stepped into the scene. He is considered a pioneer in fire fighting technology. To this day the most modern fire truckcs are entirely built by hand in his hometown Ulm. MOTORVISION TV takes a look behind the scenes of this company with more than 150 years of history and shows the production of turntable ladder engines and fire trucks.

  • BMW Plant in Spartanburg

    We're in South Carolina, Middle East, USA. All BMW X3, X4, X5 and X6 models are built here. The largest BMW plant produces 32 percent of all BMW vehicles sold worldwide. And the new BMW X7 will also set new production records in the future. Sherry McCraw is the vice president of the plant and employee number 38. She was there from the beginning and explains the milestones of the expansion of the SUV factory to BMW's most important location.