“Motorvision.TV – #spotted” is on a worldwide search for fast, beautiful and high horsepower cars, cool locations, wacky tuning conversions, hot bikes and iconic car nerds with their stories.

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  • Episode 1

    Sun's out, guns out - time to flex your mussels! In the United States, the rich and famous enjoy their luxurious lives in fast and exciting sports cars. Movie stars like the Lucra Roadster of 'Fast & Furious' fame meets icons like the Shelby Cobra. But you can find wild and hot rides in Europe, too. MOTORVISION.TV - #SPOTTED presents the five ultimate convertibles for hot summer days.

  • Episode 2

    When car spotters find rare cars it's like winning the lottery. One of the most exclusive cars in the world is the Paguani Huayra, which was built just 20 times. Its counterpart: the Rimac Concept One, which writes history as the world's fastest electric car with a top speed of 355 kmph. Lamborghini Huracan O.CT and Arden Jaguar F-Type promise brutal tuning power beyond good and evil.

  • Episode 4

    They are extremely loud, extremely fast and extremely honed: the compact cars Mercedes A45 AMG Performmaster and MTM Audi RS3 R. Ferrari and Rolls-Royce, two of the world's most famous car brands, don't need any tuning. MOTORVISION TV - #SPOTTED explains the myth of Ferrari and takes a look behind the scenes of the Rolls Royce Bespoke production.

  • Episode 5

    It's the most legendary road in the world: the Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica. Once the main route for travelling and economy, it now lives on as the most iconic street in the US. It stands for the 'American Way of Drive' like no other. Along the old Highway, you can experience the myth of the Route 66. Plus: A double-pack of GTR with the Nissan GTR and Mercedes-AMG GT R.

  • Episode 6

    With its Model S, American carmaker Tesla wants to establish electric engines in the full size class. For the very first time it is possible to attain driving ranges over 400 kilometers. Its tremendous acceleration becomes an image boost for the brand. Porsche stands for lots of speed and horsepower, too. With its Panamera Sport Turismo, the sports car manufacturer taps into a new market.

  • Episode 7

    Frank Slopianka is highly ambitious and committed to the drag racing event 'Race@Airport'. The US car dealer from Berlin takes about eleven seconds to finish the quarter mile with his 700-hp Camaro. Tuning company Mansory promises additional acceleration and horse power for Lamborghini cars. A good example is the Mansory Carbonado, a rebuilt Aventador Convertible.

  • Episode 8

    There is hardly any better place to experience the fascination of speed than at the Nürburgring. It's the most dangerous, yet the most beautiful race track in the world and meeting point for racing icons and rarities. The annual Sport1 Track Day lures thousands of petrol heads to the Nürburgring, too, where they can take part in the 1/8-mile dragster race or the 'Rolling 50' event.

  • Episode 9

    Every year, the unique flair of the biker scene in California is a matchless inspiration for Ola Stenegard, Head of Vehicle Design at BMW Motorrad. In Los Angeles he meets world-famous customizers like Michael 'Wooley' Woolaway und Alan Stulberg. Plus: MOTORVISION TV - #SPOTTED presents the craziest 'homemade supercars' such as the Fahrradi Farfalla FFX, the slowest sports car in the world.

  • Episode 10

    SUV Special: Sports Utility Vehicles become increasingly popular with customers. By now, almost every manufacturer offers at least one SUV. MOTORVISION TV - #SPOTTED presents the toughest off-roaders, the most exclusive luxury SUVs, the cheapest sports utility vehicles and the latest hybrid and electric SUVs. Plus: A look into the future. Will everyone drive an SUV in 20 years?

  • Episode 11

    Great Britain is the craziest car nation in the world: steering-wheel on the right-hand side and left-hand traffic. British cars offer anything but the average. Be it Aston Martin, Jaguar, Bentley, Morgan or McLaren: Spotted shows spectacular convertibles, coupes and supercars from the UK, shines light on crazy competitions like lawnmower racing and reveals why Britons are crazy about James Bond.

  • Episode 12

    Audi or BMW, all-wheel or rear-wheel drive? It's a question of faith and #Spotted pitches the RS 5 and M4 CS against each other. Both performance-driven sports coupes come together for the very first time. While the Clubsport version of the BMW M4 comes with an output of 460 HP, the Abt modified Audi RS 5 offers an output of 510 PS. Who will win the battle? Plus: Rare tuning vehicles from Japan.

  • Episode 13

    Italian cars are the epitome of elegant and classy mobility. Whether it’s Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani or Maserati, #Spotted shows the most exciting Italian convertibles and supercars. The Italian special also explains the myth of Ferrari and recounts the history of the iconic Fiat 500, Alfa Spider and Magnum’s Ferrari. On top of that, Sebastian Vettel test drives the LaFerrari Aperta.

  • Episode 14

    Drag racing is extreme motorsports with high potential for addiction. Top-fuel methanol drag cars are equipped with 5000-hp V8 engines. Pure tension is guaranteed, when pilots and their vehicles accelerate from 0 to 500 kmph in less than five seconds. Not as brutal as dragsters, but just as exciting: V8 sports cars. The Aston Martin DB11 comes with a V8 engine for the very first time.