Perfect Ride

Perfect Ride

For many people, cars are not just objects of utility, but an object of love and hate. Everyone has their own idea of what makes the “Perfect Ride”. Some enjoy exploring their city with a small car, others prefer racing on tracks with sports cars. Perfect Ride searches for the ideal cars and ultimate gadgets for every occasion. Find out what’s hot and what’s not in the automotive world.

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  • Bella Italia

    Verena Wriedt auf Mission in Verona: Mit einer traditionellen Ape, dem legendären dreirädrigen italienischen Kleinlaster, muss sie sich quer durch die Innenstadt Veronas buchstäblich bis zu ¿Julias Busen¿ vorkämpfen. Die Berührung der Brust der Statue im Innenhof der 'Casa di Giulietta' soll Glück bringen. Aber auf dem Weg zur Glückseligkeit muss Verena einige Hindernisse überwinden und erhält am Ende eine Eskorte der besonderen Art.

  • Cars To Raise Your Pulse Raite

    Cars evoke emotions. Cars make your heart beat faster. And some cars even get your adrenaline pumping while driving. But what kind of effect do fast cars really have on drivers? The new Chevrolet Corvette C7 with its powerful 466-hp V8 engine and the fifth generation of the rally icon Subaru WRX STI act as pacemakers and turn any ride into a Perfect Ride.

  • Sporty Elegance

    Ever since 4-door coupes debuted, there is no longer a need to ask if you would rather buy a sedan or a coupe. Because 4-door cars with a hatchback combine the best of both worlds: the dynamics of a coupe and the elegance of a sedan. On this episode, Perfect Ride introduces you to the latest 4-door coupes including the fancy BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe from Munich.

  • Driving Pleasure in Winter

    Slippery roads, bad view, mud and salt: With winter comes a lot of hassle for car drivers. But if you know what winter has in store for you, you can make the right preparations and have lots on fun while driving. Perfect Ride takes two Porsche 911 to the glassy roads und points out the opportunities as well as the differences between four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive in winter.

  • Typically German

    There is hardly any car that’s more German than the Volkswagen Passat. It is convenient, solidly constructed and offers enough space for the average German family. But even its eighth generation is quite conservative. It’s neither edgy nor does it evoke any emotions. Instead, it’s neutrally designed and functional. Perfect Ride reviews the Volkswagen Golf and hunts for more typical German cars.

  • King of the Ring

    The Nuerburgring Nordschleife is unique, world famous and known as the toughest speedway in the world. Despite countless hazards, it's has an exceptional appeal with racing fans. Together with legendary racing driver Hans-Joachim Stuck, Perfect Ride explores the myth Nordschleife and tries to find out, what it takes to be 'King of the Ring'.

  • Lifestyle Cars

    Individuality and a wide array of equipment options are the keys to reaching lots of buyers. At least that's what car manufacturers think when it comes to small cars. Perfect Ride answers the question, if they offer too much lifestyle and reviews three trendy small cars: the Mini 5 door, the Opel Adam Rocks (also known as the Vauxhall Adam Rocks) and the Kia Soul EV.

  • Turbo Diesel Power

    In 1989 Audi introduced the first turbocharged diesel engine. Since then turbochargers became standard and result into smooth running of engines and increased driving pleasure. Perfect Ride reviews the latest TDI engines and previews the Audi RS5 TDI Concept, which shows how sporty diesel engines could be used in future production cars.

  • Hybrids

    Some say they are neither one thing nor another: hybrid cars. With an electric and combustion engine, the hybrid cars such as the Audi A3 e-tron want to combine the best of both worlds. Perfect Ride demonstrates the pros and cons of these models. The BMW i3 is different. It's a purely electric car, which is also available with a so called Range Extender. Perfect Ride reveals, how useful it is.

  • City Cars

    Constructing a giant luxury car with a lot of space isn’t really difficult. But fitting just about everything you need for life into a small car is anything but an easy task. Perfect Ride reviews sexy city racers which try to achieve just that. The reviewed cars include the second generation of the Audi A1 from Ingolstadt and the Renault Twingo, which comes with rear engine and rear-wheel drive.

  • Open Air Concert

    Driving topless through the summer air and having a sound in the back of the car that gives you goose-bumps: Perfect Ride checks out the most beautiful convertibles and puts a focus on driving pleasure and sound. Amongst the reviewed cars is the new 300 hp Audi S3 convertible. It's hard to believe that its sound comes from a 4-cylinder engine.

  • Athletes on Stilts - Power SUVs

    Compact SUVs promise more and more power while giving up some of the typical SUV characteristics in their design. Car manufacturer give in to this trend and keep pushing the performance. Audi RS Q3, Mercedes GLA 45 and Porsche Macan Turbo are setting new benchmarks in this segment. But can SUVs with a high center of gravity really and high performance really offer the Perfect Ride?

  • Close to the Ground

    Every sporty vehicle needs a low center of gravity. To underline the sporty character of the new BMW 4 Series, the model got the lowest center of gravity of all BMW models. This results in a reduction of unwanted rolling movements and makes substantially higher curve speeds possible. Plus: Perfect Ride reviews the Alfa Romeo 4C and Porsche Cayman S.

  • Front Scratchers

    Perfect Ride checks out front-wheel drive cars such as the Peugeot RCZ-R, Seat Leon Cupra SC 280 and Renault Megan TCe 265 and tests how well they transmit their power of almost 300 hp to the road. The problem is: High performance and front-wheel drive make for a very challenging mix. For example, the traction control system has a lot of work to do at times of rapid acceleration.

  • Hot, Hotter, Hot Hatches

    They are small, noisy and make a lot of fun: Small cars with a high engine output are very popular with drivers. That’s why Audi launches an offensive and offers its A1 as a sporty S1 version. Its name gives hope for something big, because in the 1980s a S1 achieved immortality at Pikes Peak. Perfect Ride reveals if the new 231-HP Audi S1 can live up to this legacy.

  • More Power, Less Consumption

    More engine power, but less fuel consumption: That’s exactly what chip tuning wants to make possible. On a 3,000 kilometer road trip from Germany on Spain Perfect Ride tests if tuning boxes fulfill their promises. Plus: Which other extensions and modifications promise to turn driving experiences into saving experiences? Perfect Ride offers the answer!

  • Fun Factor

    Say goodbye to boring mass-produced cars and hello to the more exciting top models, which were created so that people can have fun. A sporty look, significantly tighter suspension and at least a 300-hp engine under its bonnet – that’s what make them different from regular models. Perfect Ride is on the hunt for the ultimate fun factor and reviews the Volkswagen Golf R, Audi TTS and BMW M 235i.

  • Parking War

    Every day people in the city fight for the last parking spaces. More and more cars are being bought and they are getting bigger and wider. And the biggest problem is that more and more people tend to buy SUVs. Meanwhile there's a small war going on between compact cars and SUVs. Perfect Ride takes the BMW X6, the Citroen Cactus and the Smart forfour downtown, to fight for the last few parking spaces.

  • Charged Up - Electricity - Not Fuel

    A widely spread prejudice against electric cars is that they are not suitable for everyday life due to their short driving range and long charging times. But statistics from Germany show that drivers don't travel more than 100 kilometers a day, so there shouldn't be a problem. Perfect Ride tests if the VW e-up! and Renault Zoe are suitable for everyday life, when radio and heater are running, too.

  • Luxury and other Guilty Pleasures

    The cars of the Swedish brand Volvo are now also available with flat rate: V60 and XC40 have been launched... and other models will follow in their footsteps. But which luxury SUV should it be? Which XC model is the right one for whom? AND: Opel is launching the new Combo: The high-roof Combo model has been successful since 1983, offering enough space for families and building contractors.

  • VW Grand California

    Camping vans become increasingly popular - even more popular than SUVs. And Volkswagen also wants to get its share of the market with the Grand California. After turning their Transporter into the well-established California, the German car maker now converts its Crafter into a motorhome. We test the Grand California during a wildlife trip on Gran Canaria.

  • Bestsellers

    The Tucson is Hyundai's best-selling car. Does the new equipment line "N-Line" turn the Korean car into an athlete? The world’s best-selling car is the Toyota Corolla. 2018 sees the launch of the 12th generation of the Japanese model. Almost any Volkswagen model becomes a bestseller, but does this also apply to the T-Cross?

  • Car Subscriptions

    Changing your car like your underwear? That’s possible now. With Book by Cadillac, the customer no longer chooses a car, but a brand. Unlimited vehicle changes, no additional costs apart from refueling. And the price is fair. Plus: Volvo launches its new electric offensive and presents the Polestar 1 as its first electric car. Additional plug-in hybrids will follow until 2020.

  • Small, but fast

    In addition to SUVs, small cars are also a segment that is recording growth on the German market. A Picanto for less than 10,000 Euros is enough to satisfy the needs of mobility. The Audi A1 offers much more: advantages of the luxury class, but also a high price. Plus: Perfect Ride takes a look at a sporty Korean: the Kia Ceed GT.

  • Club of Station Wagons

    Station wagons on a Formula 1 racetrack: Porsche has packed a ton of power into their Panamera with the turbocharged four liter V8 engine. We're taking the Sport Turismo out onto the F1 track in Bahrain. BMW has redesigned its 530i Touring. Can you get a hallelujah moment driving the new four-cylinder? And: We're heading on an expedition to Cologne with the Volvo V60.

  • Value-for-Money Kings

    Looking to find the balance between price and performance, Kia delivers good cars at fair prices. We'll be testing the Kia Stinger's for its everyday use in Munich's city center. Seat's sports sub-brand 'Cupra' has brought the Ateca to the market, the cheapest performance SUV currently available. And a crossover-look for the city: the Fiat 500X is available for less than 18,000 Euros.

  • Asia Snacks

    The Stinger is Kia's most visually dynamic model yet and it also comes with a 147 kW diesel engine... But can the South Korean sports coupé convince in the test? Subaru is more consistent than Porsche as they work exclusively with Boxer engines, like the one you'll find in the XV. But is this the right path forward? AND: the i30 N is Hyundai's answer to the somewhat stuffy German Golf GTI.

  • Fresh Air Experience

    With these three convertibles, the open air season can start! Smart sends the newest version of its city car without a top to the dealers. It's available with a three-cylinder gasoline engine of 71 hp or 90 hp. The Mini Convertible is bigger - not just under the hood. It provides room for four people, the output ranges from 105 hp to 190 hp. When it comes to pure roadster feeling, there is only one option: the Mazda MX-5. Find out more about the fourth generation of this topless classic on Perfect Ride.

  • Mighty Four-Cylinders

    The Ford Mustang: US legend, aggressive looks and wonderful V8 sound? Not quite, because in this episode two bestsellers with cheat packs under the hood compete against each other: BMW 430i against Ford Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost. Instead of large engines, both rely on downsizing: they are driven by 4-cylinder turbo engines, which transmit their power to the rear axle. Can these "cheaters" be convincing?

  • Sneak Previews

    After the diesel affair, Volkswagen must regain the trust of its customers. The manufacturer launches many new models on the market. Before the official world premieres, Volkswagen gives journalists the opportunity to gain their first impressions. MOTORVISION TV is present at a so-called Covered Drive of the new VW T-Cross. The new Mini SUV is based on the smallest Polo car. Does it have the potential to polish up the Group's image?

  • Vive la France

    France has a long tradition in the automobile industry and the current models of domestic manufacturers do not have to hide from their international competition. The best example is the Peugeot 508, the brand's new flagship. Plus: Perfect Ride is at the ePrix in Paris and takes a look behind the scenes of the Formula E, the world's most promising racing series.

  • Convertibles

    An Italian, an Englishman and a German come together: What sounds like the beginning of a joke, is in fact the recipe for an exciting summer day. Agile, 140 HP and a guarantor for success: the Fiat 124 Spider. Small and iconic: The third generation of the Mini is available with an open roof once again. And for everyone that can dig deep into their pocket: The GTS Models of the Porsche 718 series.

  • Appearance and Reality

    The coupe form makes cars sexy. But it is a question of faith - and in part a question of value - if you opt for a more traditional two-door coupe like the Mercedes E400 or its bigger brother, the CLS with four doors. The trendsetter among coupe limousines has found a few imitators. The Volkswagen Arteon competes with the CLS in a different price category.

  • Drive of the Future

    The Paris Motor Show is the world's oldest auto show and provides insight into the automotive world of tomorrow. For instance, car makers try to replace combustion engines with alternative drives. Mercedes-Benz specifically introduces the sub-brand 'Generation EQ' for that, while Volkswagen wants to present 20 new electrified models by 2020 and get past the emission scandal.

  • The Second Generation

    Some cars make a highly successful debut to the scene, so that the arrival of a second generation is inevitable. One example is the Nissan Qashqai. As one of the first crossovers it heralded a new era and has been sold more than two million times. For its second generation, Nissan has to step up their game though, because its concept inspired other like the Suzuki SX4 to follow suit.

  • Made by Hand - Small Series Roadsters

    Perfect Ride takes a look behind the scenes of Wiesman, a small-volume manufacturer from Germany that produced just 1600 vehicles since its foundation in 1988. Its name stands for exclusivity, craftsmanship and pure roadster feeling. Thanks to the combination of a low weight chassis with a powerful engine, every Wiesmann model is a milestone in terms of driving dynamics.

  • Fathers and Sons

    They're still not on the shelf but their followers are already in hot pursuit of them. Race-dads and their sons and daughters. Hans-Joachim Stuck, Walter Röhrl, Niki Lauda and Jacky Ickx!

  • Cars International

    Whacky sleighs, supercars and stars and stripes ' the Detroit Motor Show! What's everyone been talking about in the car world? Mazda has been talking in a new language: Kodo.

  • Class Reunion

    How good are the star pupils of the Mercedes E-Class? Can the Audi S3 with 300 HorsePower and a powerful four-cylinder score points? And we visit the Shanghai Auto Show, one of the most important car shows in China.

  • Off the road

    At the Primm 300 in Nevada Monster Bugs and Trophy Trucks deliver relentlessly hot desert races. Off-road adventure in the Arabian State of Oman! Mercedes SUV's fight through the desert.

  • The Perfect Touring Vehicle

    A model that takes its top off: Opel Cascada. The topless Opel takes a drive-test in Monte Carlo. The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo in Sicily! Touring car with coupe qualities. And with an SUV on two wheels: BMW R 1200GS.

  • SUVs - In The Fast Lane!

    SUVs in the fast lane. They multiply in abundance and are spreading. Whether mini or luxury off-roader - imposter in off-road dress? We test for adventurous city dwellers. The Audi RS Q3 - we have driven it.

  • Highlights Geneva Motor Show

    The International Geneva Motor Show is traditionally the first European auto show of the year and is one of the 5 most important auto shows worldwide! New generations, top models, electric vehicles and many more.

  • Pedal to the Metal

    Drifting with no boundaries. World Rally champion Armin Schwarz brings his tires to glow on ice and snow. When utopia becomes reality. Pure high-tech at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.

  • Out of Space

    Today's cars are out of space - vehicles that are far from the norm. The Fahrradi Farfalla is definitely one of these most unusual cars in the world. In Austria we paid its creator Hannes Langeder a visit.

  • All New!

    The Porsche 911. Modern design, advanced technology, everything is new but still: For 50 years, still unmistakable. And we also test the world's first series-produced plug-in hybrid with diesel engine: the Volvo V60!

  • Tough Guys & Breathtaking Stunts

    Today's episode of Perfect Ride will be taken over by tough guys and breathtaking stunts. We will be taking a look behind the scenes of Action Concept - Europe's biggest action film producer.

  • To the Top!

    Today's episode of Perfect Ride is all about setting off and not stopping until you've reached the peak. We will therefore be revving up to the top! The Audi A1 Quattro may seem small, but it's a tough little fighter.

  • Moment of Force

    Today's Perfect Ride episode is all about power and torque: Perfect, faster, further - racer Dennis Rostek drives it to the top. With Mathilda Racing on the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

  • Crazy Rides

    The car world just gets crazier and crazier! From three-wheeled retro cars such as the Reliant Rialto, which tended to tip over at every bend? And freaky bikes with maximum speed of up to 150mph!

  • Extreme Tuning

    Chip tuning, pedal box - how useful are they? Patrick Simon is on the lookout for extra horsepower in Norway. BMW 1 Series, Viper or Ferrari? Which one is better? The ultimate coolness check.

  • Rebel Without a Cause

    Dreaming of driving a Lamborghini, eating lobster, or perhaps driving a tank? Our reporter Dean's dream came true: on a real playground for big boys.

  • European Tuning Show

    Europe's best show cars fight it out for the 'Tuning Crown' at the Tuning World Bodensee. And: Clean and quiet, with zero emissions! Traveling with the Nissan Leaf electric car in the Norwegian capital Oslo.

  • Cruising

    The Company 'Boom Trikes' redefines ""Cruising"": The new ""300 HorsePower Hayabusa Hardcore"" Trike or the ""New Highway"" Trike are powerful three wheelers with modern technology.

  • Pony Cars - The American Way of Drive

    1964 saw the introduction of the Ford Mustang, which is considered to be the ancestor of all pony cars. In the first year Ford sold more than 680,000 units of this car. It’s a record that no other vehicle was able to break. To this day, people around the world value it for its strength, superior V8 and reasonable price. Perfect Ride reviews the Mustang and its relatives, the Challenger and Camaro.

  • Hot Hatches - Tiny Bad Boys

    The 2012 Mercedes A-Class managed to shake off its image as a vehicle for retired people. But AMG tops it all and presents the hottest A-Class ever. Its impressive 360-hp engine is the most powerful production four-cylinder in the world. Plus: Musketier Tuning turns the Citroen DS 3 into a defening driving machine. Perfect Ride discusses the differences between the tuned and the production model.

  • Off-Road Dinosaurs

    For more than 60 years the Land Rover Defender has been crawling through slush and mud. It wasn’t even afraid of the steepest mountains. Perfect Ride checks out the Defender. Plus: The Lada Taiga, which was formerly known as Lada Niva, is one of the cheapest off-road vehicles on the market. The Russian all-terrain vehicle is in production since 1977, but hasn’t seen much change over the years.

  • Off-Road for Everyone!

    In 2007 Fiat jumped onto the retro bandwagon and introduced its newly created und highly successful Fiat 500. Now the Italian car manufacturer elongates its bestseller by a meter and presents the Fiat 500L Trekking. The model looks different from the regular one, which was especially popular with female drivers. Perfect Ride reviews the front-engined car and checks if it holds its ground off-road.

  • Tuning - Fast and Rare

    The Skoda Octavia is a mousy car, a transport facility for families, a utility vehicle. But just two letters shed a different light on the model: RS. The RS is the fastest Octavia of all times. 220 HP, a sporty interior and a powerful engine sound promise racing feeling for the whole family. Perfect Ride finds out if the Skoda Octavia RS delivers what the letters R and S promise.

  • The Future is Electric

    The Tesla Model S is the car of the 21st century. It teaches the major automobile companies, what is possible when you believe in your own idea. It is one of the most exceptional cars one can buy. It offers an electric range of up to 500 kilometers and accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 4 seconds. In addition to that, Tesla promises that every buyer can charge its car for free forever.

  • The Advantages of All-wheel Drive

    The BMW X5 is the best selling SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) in the world. Since the introduction of this model, which also founded its segment, the X5 was sold more than 1.2 million times. It combines dynamics with luxury and thanks to xDrive, the BMW’s all-wheel drive, it always offers best traction. Perfect Ride reviews the recent third generation of the BMW X5 and reveals, where it improved.