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18 Feb 2020, 04:25 Uhr
Perfect Ride
Convertibles (6x71)

An Italian, an Englishman and a German come together: What sounds like the beginning of a joke, is in fact the recipe for an exciting summer day. Agile, 140 HP and a guarantor for success: the Fiat 124 Spider. Small and iconic: The third generation of the Mini is available with an open roof once aga...

18 Feb 2020, 04:55 Uhr
Goodwood 2019
Festival of Speed (0x3)

When the Goodwood Festival of Speed takes place, the Goodwood House in Southern England becomes the Mecca for world-famous motorsport racers, Hollywood stars, vintage cars and supercars. In 2016, the garden party at the home to the Duke of Richmond promises a high-horsepower spectacle with the theme...

18 Feb 2020, 06:30 Uhr
V8 Fascination (6x153)

It's all about V8 engines on Supercars. Its strengths: pulling power being available in the lower rpm range, tremendous power and engine sound that leaves nobody unmoved. For the first time ever, the Aston Martin DB11 is equipped with a V8 from Mercedes-AMG. In addition to that, tuning company MTM s...

18 Feb 2020, 07:50 Uhr
Dream Cars
US SUVs (2x24)

They represent the American lifestyle more than any other car: US SUVs and pickup trucks. They are extremely large, extremely powerful and extremely luxurious and they transport the feeling of unlimited possibilities and adventure. Whether it is the Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Raptor or...

18 Feb 2020, 10:00 Uhr
Formula E Street Racers
Episode 11 (1x11)

Street Racers is your backstage pass to the world of Formula E. Every two weeks, the magazine takes a look behind the scenes of the most important electric car racing series and provides reviews, current news, exciting interviews and gripping background reports from the world of Formula E.

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